Fans of Din Tai Fung

It's not just me! Other bloggers also love Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐, and this page features links to their reviews. And do get in touch if you want your blog review of Din Tai Fung to appear here.

The Insatiable Eater (Hong Kong 2013)
The Picky Glutton (Taipei 2013)
Dine Delish (LA 2013)
FoodieFC (Singapore 2013)
Diamond Canopy (Hong Kong 2013)
Diamond Canopy (Hong Kong 2012)
The Windy Foodie (Taipei 2012)
Tamarind & Thyme (Hong Kong 2012)
The Food Pornographer (Sydney 2012)
Gastronomical Ramblings (Sydney 2012)
Grab Your Fork (Sydney 2011)
My Fresh Crumbs (Hong Kong 2011)
My Food Odyssey (Bangkok 2011)
Tom Eats Jen Cooks (Hong Kong 2011)
Rice & Pickle (Hong Kong 2011, part of HK summary)
Chrysanthemum (LA & Seattle 2011)
Eat It Up (LA 2011)
Lady Iron Chef (Singapore 2010)
CClarebear (Sydney 2010)
World Foodie Guide (Taipei 2009, London Eater guest post on Taipei)
World Foodie Guide (Beijing 2008, part of Beijing summary)
Seoul Eats (Seoul 2008)
Not Quite Nigella (Sydney 2008)
World Foodie Guide (Taipei 2006)

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